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So this point should also be ample. Mr. Baguirov says: In any case, I can go on and on relating to this, but have neither some time, nor the will to have a senseless argument. So lets go together with what Encyclopedia Britannica claims and conclude it. His Kurdish mother is clear. Also I don't need to put the destructive verses about Turks (like the tackle of Alexandar to Khaghan), the best way Bahram defeats them plus the Shirvanshah and in addition reference to your term Tork-taazi and Taraaji. Also Nizami has a lot of favourable words about Greeks, Armenians, Persians, Arabs and and so forth. This does not make him into any of these ethnicites. But that's not what the short article is about and we have been seeking to introduce the ethical and also the tales of Nizami Ganjavi.

Javad Mashkur. Two authors with fully different considered styles. So it is actually up to you to offer western scholarly references.

Also this information shows that there are major debates today about historical past and id inside the republic of Azerbaijan

Mr. Doostzadeh’s then goes on to each deny that Mihin-Banu and Shirin had been Arran’s queen and princess who lived in Mughan and Arran (historic locations of Azerbaijan, in addition to Shirvan and others) specifically in the winter months, mistaking them, intentionally, for Armenians, determined by his intentional misunderstanding of some offers and deliberate ignorance of Other individuals. He also ignores that another heroine of Nizami, Nushaba from Iskander-nameh, was also a Barda queen.

The person AdilBaguirov is making a similar miscalculation. The Seljuks simply conquered the land but they unquestionably did not hold the gentleman electrical power nor the populace to own inhabited all of it. Infact, the Turkification of Azeri's commenced someday after the invasion on the seljuks, when lots of them essentially settled in what on earth is currently azerbaijan and turkey. Azeri's Have been iranic at time in the seljuks and also right up until ottoman occasions the key language from the location was a western Iranian language.

By this “logic”, we are not able to use Vahid Dasgirdi, who wrote in 1930s, and Explained Nefisi, wrote in fifties, just to name some Students whom Mr. Doostzadeh has been mentioning thoroughly (and which he needless to say regrets now), as all of them wrote a lot more than 50 many years ago. In addition to the resurrected from naphthalene selected M.Kapustin who wrote his paid-for-by-Armenian-propaganda write-up in 1988 (in case Mr. Doostzadeh didn’t know still, USSR ceased to exist in 1991). Of course, it had been a paid out-for propaganda posting as neither was Kapustin a scholar, nor a Nizami professional, nor was it coincidence that a simultaneous and related short article by an Armenian writer was also revealed in the Soviet Armenian newspaper as I by now discovered. By the way, Mr. Doostzadeh is repeating the baseless assert that Kapustin is actually a “scholar” of “Iranian scientific studies” – Most likely Mr.

In truth while in the write-up previously mentioned, [Stalin] (certainly one of the best mass murderers in record) writes: Stalin even quoted passages from Nizami demonstrating that he was pressured to jot down in Persian language because he was not permitted to talk with his people in their indigenous language

Indeed, how improperly versed in Nizami’s poetry his explanation and geography just one has to be, to say that Shirin was Armenian if she just traveled (i.e, not lived, as is clear from your poem!) to Armenia, a geographic strategy to begin with as there was no independent Armenia either in Nizami's time or in Khosrov time. I suppose F.Kafka was ethnic German or ethnic Czech, considering that he wrote in German and lived in Prague -- but Actually he was Jewish.

Masoudi believed that Pahlavi, Dari and Azeri had been of the same origin and combination of their performs was exactly the same and all of them have been deemed among the Farsi dialects.

the things they imply and I do not knwo the (exact) buy His buying in fact has glitches. Once more Continued in his Athar al-baqiya he says the people today of Chorasmia really are a branch of Persians(Iranians).

What Mr. Baguirov would not know is the fact that Ibn-e-Wazih Ya'qubi and Baladhuri have place a considerable Portion of Georgian, Arran and also other sections as Armenia. This is a few amongst quite a few and what is vital in this article would be that the scholarly community hasn't disagreed relating to this point since not less than 1988!

Mr. Baguirov continues: Being a native speaker on the twenty first century Persian/Farsi just isn't ample – Primarily since Substantially of our conversations facilities on a variety of historic details and references. , which once more is fake considering that much of Nizamis poetry is thought in its initial language during the Iranian education program. Such as inside my link the third grade textual content Persian textbook, the 1st lesson is directly 10 verses of Nizamis praise of God and starts with the line (ay naameh to behtarin sar-aghaaz - bi naameh to essential konam baaz). In addition to his poetry is plastered all over Persian school textbooks. Also it should be famous for Mr. Baguirov that exactly what is inadequate is not really figuring out Persian! Because Nizami is alive via the Persian language and translations will not do justice to his work. Indeed a translation by a Russian for instance, implies a translation by somebody that doesn't possess the training of your indigenous Iranian.

Mr. Doostzadeh’s justification that “by the way when judging a Persons ethnicity, we don't use twelfth century time, but the trendy time, in which the two feminine and male lineage are very important” is shaky and strange. Until Iran and Azerbaijan have modified overnight in modern day occasions, the lifestyle and custom in All those nations prescribe that nationality passes via father, not mother.

The Turkic words in Nizami’s poetry are mentioned while in the terms of scholars that I’ve read through and cited, they're not my own analysis. I’ve emphasised again and again that every little thing I say is totally based on solid analysis and scholarly resources, a lot of which I can certainly present even in scanned kind.

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